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Touchgrind Review

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Released Nov 21, 2008
Developer : Illusion labs AB
Price : $4.99

Before I even got this game, I was pissed by the screenshots.  Skating around without being able to see anything but the board was not my idea of a good skating game. But this is one game that got me hooked for hours together.

As it has been said, TouchGrind is the only true multi-touch game for the iPhone. Skating around swiping your fingers in every direction and performing numerous combinations of tricks has come out to be one good idea of fun. It should be time before you get used to the multi-touch controls. When I say time, I mean lots of time. This game has a quite steep learning curve, but is still enjoyable while you are still in the learning process.


The graphics are good – phenomenal even – for a mobile game. The shadows moving behind the skateboard gives the game a realistic feel.  The physics is what really gives the game its realism, and is nothing less than life-like.

This is a good game for $5, and I would recommend this game to any person. It’s hard when you start at first, but after an hour it gets really fun. Once you’ve bought this game, I’d like you to comment on what you think about it.

Controls    : 7/10
Graphics   : 9/10
Sound        : 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Overall     : 8/10


Written by Vikram

December 25, 2008 at 11:36 am

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