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Platypus Review

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Released Nov 30, 2008
Developer: Handmark Inc.
Price: $4.99

Platypus is a PC game-inspired arcade side-scrolling 2D game for the iPhone. This game is pure fun, and also kicks a lot of adrenaline with the amount of action it has. I’d recommend the game to anyone, especially the 2D game fans who won’t even look at the modern high-graphic 3D games.

Defend peaceful Mungola from the invading Collosatropolans using your trusty F-27 Platypus fighter plane. The game looks like its made of clay!, and the exploding clay ships and the various shooting power-ups are all the game ever needs to hook you! There are two control schemes, both p1good ones, namely tilt and touch. Both control schemes are great and easy and there is simply no down-side about the controls. The game is decently long, and has high replayability. There are five stages, each with multiple sub-stages, and it should take at least 90 minutes or so to finish each stage. The graphics are, like I said, purely clay-ish. The graphics are not life-like, and is how it is meant to be, cartoonish and fun. The beautiful sound tracks go great with the immense action you’ll be immersed into. And also, the gameplay is full of action, with clay ships exploding everywhere with your continuous shooting, and you might just get hit by one! Be careful!

Get this game if you are a hard-core 2D gamer. If you are not, get it anyway. This is as cheerful as shooting things can get, and is certainly worth all the 499 cents. By the way, comment on what you think about this game once you’ve bought it.

Controls : 9/10
Graphics : 10/10
Sound : 8/10
Gameplay :10/10

Overall : 9/10


Written by Vikram

December 26, 2008 at 12:48 pm

Posted in App Store Reviews

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