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Rolando – An Awesome Arcade Game – Review

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Released Dec 08, 2008
Developer: ngmoco, Inc.
Price: $9.99

ngmoco has outdid itself with Rolando, a simply awesome new game for the iPhone. Rolando is a 2D game where you guide a number of ball-like creatures using your accelorometer, and take them to their destination. The very description makes it sound like a wonderful game, and if it doesn’t to you, read on.

The first level starts off quite simple. All you have to do is roll your Rolando around to the destination over a short distance. But as you advance in the game, every stage demands an unique approach, and a new way to squeeze your brain.  There come special Rolandos like one which sticks to all kinds of surfaces, and can navigate around hard corners. There are these black shadowy things, who invaded ‘Rolandoland’ which you have to avoid. And in some stages you have to transport this big Rolando, the king, who is always quite asleep! You cannot move the king voluntarily, and you have to use other Rolandos to push him around. And there are stages when you have no Rolandos to push the king around, and are given the power to totally change the direction of gravity!, turning the iPhone around full rotations, and transporting him to the destination. There is so much more to the gameplay which I really cannot squeeze in here!

The sound is awesome and goes great with the gameplay. It is kind of a cartoonish, fun sound which would appeal to anyone immediately. Even if you have a first-gen iPod touch, I suggest you put on your headphones while playing this game, as it nearly doubles the fun.

This game is very very long, and I guarantee you it should take at least 2 weeks to finish it (and I mean at least!). Judging from the great concept, the awesome gameplay, the fantastic sound and the length of the game, I suggest you buy the game right away. To further convince you, here is the trailer of the game I got just a minute ago.

Controls : 10/10
Graphics : 10/10
Sound : 10/10
Gameplay :10/10

Overall : 10/10 !!


Written by Vikram

December 27, 2008 at 3:08 pm

Posted in App Store Reviews

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