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Wordsworth – Review

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Developer: 99Games
Price: $1.99 [Buy] (now on sale for $0.99)

Wordsworth is just another word game to join the party, and is now among the top 100 apps in the US App Store. WordsworthWordsworth puts lots of letters on the board, and you have to join consecutive letters to form a word. This is very much a clone of Bookworm, a PC game from RealArcade, and if you’ve already played that, rhis should surely appeal to you.

WordsWorth is a challenging, fun, engaging and an addictive word game, with the perfect ingredients to loosen up. Trace new words as you link letters into words in the library using Multi-Touch interface. Create longer words with rare letters to earn hefty points. Stumble upon new rewards and challenges along the way. ‘Shake’ if you cannot locate a word, of course at a penalty. Watch out for timed tiles that threaten to explode your library! Customize the game to suit your level of intellect. Go on to earn whopping scores and become a whiz with words!

Wordsworth is not exactly a fast-paced word game. Rather, it is a very relaxing game, where you just pass through the levels by forming new words. The only point where you actually lose the game is when you are not able to use one of the red letters, which you have to use within a specific period of time. It is only in the later levels that this starts becoming quite a challenge.

To sum it up, Wordsworth is actually awesome, and is much better than Scrabble, wspecially as this costs just $2. And if you’re rich enough to lose $2 today (was I just offensive?), this game would surely be the most valuable thing you could lose it on. Before you buy the game, you could also try the lite version.

Controls : Eliminated
Graphics: Eliminated
Sound: Eliminated
Gameplay : 9/10
Value for money : 9/10

Overall : 9/10


Written by Vikram

January 23, 2009 at 11:58 am

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  1. Thanks for the brief review and helping us spread the Word on WordsWorth out!

    Anila from 99Games

    January 24, 2009 at 5:07 pm

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