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Revisiting Ten First-Class iPhone Games

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The App Store is  dumped with 15000 apps. So, earlier this week, I navigated my nine home-screens and listed the best of the best of the games I bought. Want a peek? Read on.

Hero of Sparta [$5.99]

Hero of SpartaHero of Sparta brought the most of what had been anticipated in an iPhone game – stunning graphics. As the name suggests, you play a Spartan king who has do his job – killing monsters and hellish creatures. The one thing that satisfied me most was the control scheme. Instead of an accelerometer control scheme, which has been incorporated in many complex games like this and failed (miserably!), Hero of Sparta has great touch controls, in which you use an on-screen control stick and a simple few buttons to perform the many stunts in the game. Hero of Sparta is now available on the App Store for $5.99 – one great bargain.

Rolando [$5.99]

Rolando Ngmoco brought LocoRoco (PSP) fans an amazing equivalent for the iPhone. In Rolando, you control a bunch of balls (dunno what else to call them),    across various stages, involving many physics-based puzzles, or otherwise just stages of pure fun. Rolando is coupled with beautiful cartoonish and eye-captivating graphics. In the game, the Rolandos quite often speak to you, addressing you as Finger, and comment about lots of things around them. You’ll begin to feel so personal with them, that you’ll genuinely feel sorry if you lose one of the Rolandos. Especially because of its now lowered price of $5.99 for $9.99, Rolando deserves an immediate buy.

PapiJump [Free]

PapiJumpI’m warning you, PapiJump is an extremely addictive game. Its amazingly simple concept plunges you in hours and hours of gameplay. PapiJump puts you in control of a Mr.Papi, a red smiley face, who is jumping eternally, on green platforms, going up. No specific aim – your goal is to get the highest amount of points possible, which you can then post on the online scoreboards. My highest score is 50000, which is actually quite low. But still, I’m challenging you to beat my score! Don’t be a coward – download the free game now and try to beat my score.

Dr. Awesome [$0.99]

Dr. AwesomeDr. Awesome, which really is awesome, converts your iPhone into a surgical instrument. Use your surgical instrument to destroy the cells containing the viruses, and win when you have cut down 75% of the cell. But – you know – all cells look almost the same. The game seems to get somewhat repetitive in a while. But for its extremely low price of $0.99, Dr. Awesome is certainly a good game to buy.

Space Ninja [$2.99]

Space NinjaLots of space shooters now-a-days, including non-iPhone shooters, invlove a lot of dodging bullets in addition to the insane amount of shooting madly everywhere. Developer Yose Widjaja, has brought out only the former in his space shooter – Space Ninja. No shooting – only dodging. Yose also hasn’t forgotten to include the insane amount of insanity that is a must for a traditional ahooter. Yeah – you have to dodge bullets by the skin of your teeth. The game has an added slow motion effect, which you cannot live without. So crazy is the amount of bullets you’ll encounter, is that you’ll enable slow-motion throughout every level after the 10th level, out of the game’s 40 levels. For $2.99, Space Ninja is the craziest bargain you’ll ever find on the App Store.

Platypus [$4.99]

PlatypusPlatypus really couldn’t get more fast-paced. Platypus is just another shooter, with an added cartoonish feel. In Platypus you control your F-27 Platypus fighter plane and defend peaceful Mungola from the invading Collastropolans (did you get that into your mouth?). All that can be said is that Platypus is just another really great shooter, with all the amount of action you’d ever want, all at it’s reasonable price of $4.99.

Edge [$5.99]

EdgeIn Edge, you are put in control of a cube, which you move in a 3D isometric environment. Edge really stands out as a totally unique game, which really cannot be classified in a certain genre. Combined with really superb gameplay, decent length and really good sound, Edge certainly deserves $5.99 from your purse (or would it be your credit card?). See the review here for more on the game.

Tap Tap Revenge [Free]

LabyrinthTap Tap Revenge is really a great blend of music and gaming, and will immediately appeal to lovers of both. As the name should suggest, you tap your finger to the beats. Best of all, this great game comes free, and is certainly worthy of an immediate download.

Labyrinth [$6.99]

LabyrinthLabyrinth simulates a real labyrinth, using the power of the accelerometer. Labyrinth is one great game that demonstrates the quality of the iPhone’s accelerometer in full glory, becuase the ball moves at the slightest tilt. Be careful not to let your hand twitch!

Enigmo [$1.99]

EnigmoWatch that brain, because it might burst, if and when you buy this game. Enigmo is one of the very few games that can be called real puzzlers. In Enigmo, you have to fill a bucket with water – and for that you should guide water droplets dripping from a tap to the bucket using various contraptions such as platforms, bouncers, accelerators and much more. Yes – there are bouncers, which means that the water droplets don’t behave like in the real world – they bounce. For $1.99, Enigmo is really an amazing bargain.


Written by Vikram

January 26, 2009 at 10:19 am

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