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Rocking Free Games of all time on the App Store

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So what are the really superb free games on the App Store that have been released from time immemorial? (or at least since the App Store came into existence!). There are some games I’ve really loved. I’ve picked five of the best of them for you.

PapiJump [Get it]

An amazingly simple game, PapiJump is one of the most addictive free games that have ever hit the App Store.

PapiJump is a simple but addictive jumping action game! Mr.Papi (red ball guy) wants to go up higher, is jumping eternally.

After PapiJump became a great hit, Sunflat (PapiJump’s devloper) released PapiPole and PapiRiver. But PapiJump still remains the best.

Space Deadbeef [Get it]

Space Deadbeef is greater than any other space shooter, with controls which stands out in unique glory. It does have its reason for being free – playing different levels is like playing the same level, only at different difficulty levels. Oh, why did I even mention that? This is one great free game that deserves an immediate download.

Cube Runner [Get it]

Go through an endless path scattered with cubes all over the place, in your ‘ship’, a single arrow. This amazing 3D game has really fast-paced gameplay, where you have to dodge cubes by the skin of your teeth! I probably flopped at explaining the game, or even if I didn’t, get it now and see for yourself how great the game is.

Rick Rocketson (Free) [Get it]

Rick Rocketson was made to promote Rick Rocketson Pro, but this can be considered a unique game in itself. Rick Rocketson, a 2D platformer inspired by Amiga, a retro game console, is better than any 2D game for the iPhone I’ve come across so far. I, as a retro fan, find this game really enjoyable. If you are too, or even if you are not, downloading this game will surely satisfy you.

Jellycar [Get it]

Jellycar features one of the most innovative concept for any 2D game. Move around your car of jelly in a 2D environment, also made of jelly, and navigate to your destination across various obstacles and traps. Your car may be squished and squashed here and there, but be careful not to fully crush it!


Since all these games are free, what reason do you have not to download these games?! Get these games now!


Written by Vikram

January 20, 2009 at 2:53 pm

Posted in App Store Reviews, Free